Yvonne Newbold, MBE

Newbold Hope’s Parent Learning Platform is a unique way of getting the help, support, understanding and advice you need, completely at your own pace and in your own time. It’s all online, it’s open 24/7, and it’s been entirely designed and is led by a team of parents who have also experienced extreme behaviours from their SEND children who absolutely “get it”.

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Using a range of videos, text, podcasts, and worksheets, all the Newbold Hope training materials are easy to follow and most of them will each only take between 5 and 10 minutes to complete. They’ll include a very wide range of topics, all designed to improve the quality of life of you, your child, and your whole family.


But that’s not all!

Joining the Platform will also provide a safe space where you can discuss all of these very difficult issues with other parents who are experiencing very similar difficulties in a moderated forum with no shame, blame or judgement whatsoever. You’ll also be able to benefit from weekly question and answer sessions, occasional expert guest speakers, and lots more besides.