Newbold Hope

Newbold Hope is a small, parent-led organization set up by Yvonne Newbold MBE, to work with families and professional staff from education, health care and social services in reducing anxiety-led difficult and dangerous behaviour in children with an additional need or disability. It was formerly known as The SEND VCB Project.

We provide training for parents and professional staff, as well as offering support and resources, which include an online community of 14,000 families who can come together for support, understanding and solidarity. Due to our work, there are now well over two thousand children who have successfully moved beyond their extreme behaviour episodes. This group of children and young people are now happier and calmer and have much more hopeful futures to look forward to.

Newbold Hope also supports parents in healing and recovery from the effects of their child’s behaviours, as well as from the effects of the unfair societal perceptions which blame, judge and shame parents when a child has difficult behaviour. This issue is not the parents’ fault and it’s not the children’s fault either. These extremely difficult behaviours are almost always the result of anxiety and trauma.

In addition to this, Newbold Hope is working to change the prejudice and lack of understanding that can be so damaging to this group of families and is working hard to encourage more understanding, acceptance and compassion towards families in this situation.

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