Understanding Controlling Behaviour in Children and Young People and How to Control It

Presented by Yvonne Newbold

Children who use controlling behaviour is a common issue that affects a large proportion of families coping with other forms of extreme behaviour. It is a very stigmatising issue, which is very emotional and shrouded in secrecy and shame. It is very seldom discussed, and one of the strengths of this webinar is how validated people feel when they realise that they are not alone, and that this topic is being discussed openly. This session looks at the underlying reasons for this controlling behaviour, and how parents can regain control and get their family back on track.

The webinar starts by looking at: –

  • What is control?
  • What it can look like in children and young people.
  • Why it happens.
  • How it makes you, the parent, feel.
  • How other people can make you feel about it.
  • How to get your child back on track.

 The webinar moves on to look at the children and young people that this affects, and how it is caused almost always by anxiety, and why anxiety has almost the exact opposite meaning as feeling safe, which is what every child (and adult) craves. The two-hours is packed full of strategies about how to help your child feel safe enough to relinquish overall household control, and how to re-establish the parent as being in charge.

Parents leave the webinar feeling relieved and full of hope over a situation that they most likely have kept incredibly quiet about due to shame for a very long period of time.