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Are you worried about a child's difficult and dangerous behaviour? Does your child sometimes become violent towards others?  Do the rest of the family sometimes get hurt?  Newbold Hope is entirely run by parents who have been through this with their own child and our whole approach is based on what we know has already worked successfully in our own families and in thousands of others.

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Stay Curious. Be Kind. 

Supporting parents and professionals to reduce violent, difficult and dangerous behaviour in children and young people with a disability and/or an additional need. 

About Newbold Hope

Find out about our Parent Learning Platform here:

Parent Learning Platform Information Page

How can we support you?

We have a range of pre-recorded webinars available to purchase for £8.50 each.  You have access to the recording for 4 weeks from the day of purchase to watch as many times as you need.


The Live Training Sessions have now taken place but the recordings are still available to purchase. Please follow the More Information link below.

We are hosting a series of 8 online training sessions over the summer. They are all co-produced with families who have lived experience, so everything we suggest has already worked well with other children in our community. The first one is next Thursday! They'll cost £8.50 each, which includes 4 week's access to the recording. We've had such incredible feedback from parents who have already taken part, and we now know of well over 2,000 families in our community who have managed to help their child significantly reduce their violence or stop it altogether.

If you want to join us for any of these training sessions, please follow the link below, it will take you to the information page where you can read what each session will be about. You will also be able to buy your ticket from there.

More Information

 Yvonne Newbold MBE

To find out more about Yvonne Newbold MBE, the founder of Newbold Hope, please click on this link:

 About Yvonne


This photo and others of Yvonne Newbold used on this website by Craig Greenslade of https://craiggreenslade.co.uk/

Have you seen Yvonne's TED Talk?

Watch the TED Talk here

Half a million people watched it in the first two weeks after it was published. 

It's a powerful, 17-minute long talk that can help you to better understand and support highly anxious children with difficult and dangerous behaviour.

Whether you're a parent, or someone who works with children, or a family member or just someone who has once seen a child behave badly in a supermarket - please watch it, so that together we can create happier and calmer futures for this group of children and their families, with understanding instead of judgement. 

Here it is below, and please scroll down our Home page for more more information, training and support about how we can all help to reduce extreme episodes of behaviour in children with disabilities, additional needs and highly anxious.

Watch the TED Talk here

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The Special Parent’s Handbook

by Yvonne Newbold

You can buy Yvonne’s book on Amazon.  It’s her family story, packed with tips tricks and strategies about how to make things easier for families of children with disabilities and additional needs. Here’s the link to the Amazon page:

Buy Hardcopy Here Buy Kindle Version Here
  • Newbold Hope

    “The Newbold Hope Family Support Group has helped me to be curious about my children's behaviours and has helped me to be a better parent. I have felt less isolated and more supported as well as more confident in my parenting since joining the group.”

  • Newbold Hope

    “Yvonne and her group have brought so many parents back from the brink. Truly astounding work. The compassion here is visceral.”

  • Newbold Hope

    “Yvonne has saved me so many times in my short knowledge of this group and I am eternally grateful. Her back story makes me cry every time. For someone to find a silver lining the way she did is simply beyond words and we all benefit so much. The webinars are fantastic and being able to honestly share and not feel judged is priceless. Thank you so much for all you do and to your admins too.”

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