How to Navigate The Teenage Years 

Presented by Yvonne Newbold

The teenage years are hard for all young people, but particularly so for children with additional needs. This session looks at puberty, mood, risk-taking behaviour, communication, dislike of change, internet safety, teenage withdrawal and lots of other things, as well as exploring some of the underlying causes for difficulties and what can be done to counter them.

The session will explore school-based issues, puberty related issues, the changing social expectations and the differences in socialisation that affect teenagers. There is a focus on the importance of parents being able to fill the gaps in understanding, particularly around internet safety and sex education, that some children with a learning disability or autism might not otherwise be able to fully comprehend.

Some of the more difficult issues are also covered such as self-harm, teenage drug or alcohol abuse, the vulnerabilities of some SEND teenagers to exploitation or coercion to take part in criminal activities.

The session is jam-packed from start to finish with easy and doable strategies that could make a huge difference in a parent’s relationship with their teenager and parents leave feeling more empowered and optimistic about their ability to support their teenager more effectively.