How to Keep Brothers and Sisters Safe and Happy

Presented by Yvonne Newbold

This session gives parents a chance to step back and look at their own family dynamic and examine what works well and what works less well.

During the two hours, the webinar covers sibling rivalry, conflict, communication, resentments, feelings of unfairness, parental guilt and worry and how this can influence a parent’s ability to handle situations as they arise, and possible emerging mental health concerns in children.

It is packed full of strategies to encourage better relationships between brothers and sisters, regardless of any additional needs. It also looks at how to prioritise safety which includes how to design a safety plan, how to explain about a child’s additional needs to the other children in the family and how to ensure that every child knows that they are valued, loved, and treated fairly.

This session is extremely popular with parents who often carry significant levels of fear and stress about the effect of difficult behaviours on their other children, and they leave with practical and doable strategies that they can try straight away.