Training Courses

There are 16 training courses available. All of them have been developed specifically to meet the needs of families in our community and the professionals that work with them, with both the subject matter and the content being entirely co-produced by families with lived experience of all of these issues. Please let me know if you have any suggestions of other issues that could be covered in future webinars.

Overall, 98% of all parents who have joined any of the Newbold Hope webinars felt more confident in their parenting abilities as a result of attending and 99% of these parents would recommend these sessions to others.

When asked about how helpful these webinars have been, the average score that parents gave them was 9.6 out of 10.

webinar series
1. How to Reduce Extreme Behaviour in Children and Young People 2. How to Keep Brothers and Sisters Safe and Happy 3. How to Feel Happier and Less Exhausted as a SEND Parent 4. Understanding Childhood Controlling Behaviour and How to Address it 5. How to Be Heard as Your Child or Young Person's Expert Advocate 6. Demand Avoidance - The Basics 7. Understanding Communication and How it Impacts on Behaviour 8. Understanding Anxiety & How to Reduce it in Both You and Your Child 9. How to Boost Your Child’s Self-Esteem 10. How to Reduce Stress Around Screen Time and Internet Use 11. How to Navigate the Teenage Years 12. Sensory Processing, Its Effect on Behaviour, and What You Can Do to Help 13. Change, Transitions and Routine 14. How to Survive the SEND School Holidays With a Calm and Happy Family 15. How to Overcome the Guilt, Self-Doubt and Criticism of Being a SEND Parent 16. How to Plan Christmas Around Your Child's SEND-Related Needs
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