Understanding Anxiety and How to Reduce It in You and Your Child

Presented by Yvonne Newbold

During this session, we will be looking anxiety, what it is, why it happens, what it feels like, how it affects you and how it affects your child. We’ll explore the link between anxiety and extreme behaviour issues, as well as the link between anxiety and additional needs.  The whole two hours are packed full of ideas, suggestions and strategies that you can use to help to lower anxiety levels in your family and it finishes with over 50 “top tips” that can give you an instant boost when anxiety levels are running particularly high.

Here are just some of the areas we will be covering –

  • What is anxiety?
  • Common anxieties in adults
  • Common anxieties in children with additional needs
  • Common anxieties parents can have about their child with additional needs.
  • How anxiety affects us both physically and mentally
  • Common anxiety symptoms and how to recognise them in both yourself and your child.
  • Physiological changes that happen due to anxiety
  • What happens to our autonomic nervous system?
  • What anxiety can feel like
  • The difficulties of getting help support and understanding when anxiety is invisible.
  • How it can affect behaviour, sometimes leading to violence, property destruction, offensive language, becoming controlling, avoiding any demands, and including violence
  • Why anxiety happens.
  • How you can lower anxiety levels in both you and your child

Joining this session will give you a much greater understanding of why anxiety can have such a significant impact on you, your child and on your family life and you will have a toolbox full of practical and easy strategies to make life easier on everyone.