Understanding Communication and How It Impacts on Behaviour

Presented by Yvonne Newbold

When there have been difficult behaviours present for a number of years, often the child-parent relationship inevitably suffers as a result, which means that the lines of communication are significantly reduced and any attempt to communicate may result in defensiveness or aggression. This webinar is full of tips, tricks, and strategies to re-establish connection with your child through communication. It also explores the most common communication impairments in children with additional needs and how to identify if and where your child may be struggling to communicate.

Among other things, this webinar will cover: –

  • The differences between expressive and receptive communication and how they are quite different skills.
  • 10 different methods of communication that we nearly all use
  • How all behaviour is a form of communication
  • How communication issues can lead to behavioural episodes and how to counter them
  • Common communication issues in SEND children and how to address them.
  • Rigid thinking and inflexibility, the problems this can cause and how to overcome them.
  • The importance of regulating our own tone of voice and how to do that even when emotions are becoming heightened.
  • Why “no” can be a trigger word and what to say instead.
  • Why talking about feelings is so hard for children and what to talk about instead.
  • Alexithymia
  • And lots more

Throughout this and all the webinars there are tips, tricks and strategies that can all be put into practice straight away. You will leave this webinar feeling more confident about being able to identify and support your child’s communication needs, with the skills and tools you need to build towards establishing a better quality of communication with your child and your whole family.